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Nutritionally Complete Homemade Dog Food Recipes

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To make a nutritionally complete homemade dog food you need a well designed recipe with exact amount of foodstuffs and supplements.

Your dog is unique and different from every other dog. This is so because her lifestyle, body weight, age and other integral variables are different from your neighbor’s dog. Making a nutritionally complete homemade dog food for your pooch goes beyond putting ingredients and stuffs together and start cooking.

The main essence of making homemade food for your dog is to give her healthy and customized food for vitality and long life. Unlike commercial foods that are made with formula to cater for wide range of dog categories and statuses, homemade dog food should be tailored for your dog as dictate by her integral variables.

No Homemade Dog Food is Nutritionally Complete All the Time

A homemade dog food recipe that is nutritional complete for your canine today may not be complete for her tomorrow. Commercial food is not an exception. This is because your dog integral variables like lifestyle (that is her activeness), body weight, physiological state and external variable like environment temperature are not constant. These variables change from time to time.

Standard for Nutritionally Complete Dog Food

Association of American Feed Control Official (AAFCO) have an established and tested nutrient profile for dog and other pet animals.

The profile says that for every 1000 Kcal daily energy requirement (DER) of your dog, there must be:

For growing puppy and reproducing adult dog – 56.3 gram of protein, 21.3 gram of fat, 3.0 gram of calcium, 2.5 gram of phosphorus and so on.

For adult dog – 45.0 gram of protein, 13.8 gram of fat, 1.25 gram of calcium, 1.00 gram of phosphorus and so on.

You must ensure that the food you feed your dog comply with AAFCO nutrient profile for complete nutrition.

The table below shows AAFCO recommended minimum amount of every nutrient for every 1000 Kcal of daily energy required by your dog.

Nutrient Growing Puppy or
Reproducing Adult
Adult Dog
(Health Maintenence)
Protein 56.30 g 45.00 g
Fat 21.30 g 13.80 g
Calcium 3.00 g 1.25 g
Phosphorus 2.50 g 1.00 g
Potassium 1.50g 1.50 g
Sodium 0.80 g 0.20 g
Magnesium 0.10 g 0.15 g
Iodine 0.25 mg 0.25 mg
Iron 22.00 mg 10.00 mg
Manganese 1.80 mg 1.25 mg
Copper 3.10 mg 1.83 mg
Zinc 25.00 mg 20.00 mg
Selenium 0.09 mg 0.08 mg
Thiamine 0.56 mg 0.56 mg
Riboflavin 1.30 mg 1.30 mg
Pantothenic Acid 3.00 mg 3.00 mg
Niacin 3.40 mg 3.40 mg
Pyridoxine 0.38 mg 0.38 mg
Folic Acid 0.054 mg 0.054 mg
Vitamin B12 0.007 mg 0.007 mg
Choline 340 mg 340 mg
Vitamin A 1250 IU 1250 IU
Vitamin E 12.50 IU 12.50 IU

Homemade dog diets can give complete nutrition, but it can be difficult to ensure your pooch gets the right proportion of protein, fats, vitamins and minerals. So you need a nutritionist to help you design a recipe in accordance with your dog uniqueness.

In order to make making nutritionally complete homemade food for your dog without the hassle of consulting a nutritionist, Two Tails Dog is putting together a Dog Cook Tool. The tool will help you design a healthy recipe as dictate by your dog unique variables.

The tool is developed with inputs from vet and certified animal nutritionist. The initial version of the tool is available. You can check it out here. The tool will give you exact amount of every ingredient and natural supplement you need to make AAFCO compliance diet for your canine companion.

Food Supplements are Required to Ensure Completeness of Nutrients in Your Dog Homemade Food

By AAFCO dog nutrient profile, supplements are required in your dog homemade food to make it nutritionally complete. We recommend natural food supplement like, kelps, pumpkin seed powder, eggshell powder, vinegar and so on.

How to Know if a Homemade Food is Nutritionally Right for Your Dog.

Your dog will show it physically if a homemade food is nutritionally right for her. Just be watching her body and coat. Your dog should have a glossy coat, fit appearance and lots of energy if the food agrees with her. Her weight also should keep to her breed’s ideal weight.

Factors that Affect Nutrition Composition of a Homemade Dog Food

There are two factors that affect the nutritional completeness of homemade dog diet.

  1. Quality of foodstuffs and ingredients: poor quality of food is one of the banes of nutrient-deficient homemade food. You must ensure that you make your dog food with government certified foodstuffs and ingredients. Check our recommended foodstuffs on Amazon.
  2. Cooking process/method: cooking method is very important when it comes to preparation of homemade dog food. Your choice of method must ensure that the food is appropriately cooked at safe temperature to prevent any possible biological contamination and overcooking. Overcooking is one of the causes of food allergy reactions in dog.

Overweight, dull coat, lots of feces with undigested food pieces and lack of energy are signs that the homemade food you are feeding your dog is not nutritionally complete.

How Much Food Should Your Dog Eat Daily?

The amount of food your dog should consume in a day is based on her daily energy requirement (DER). The more your dog’s DER, the more the amount of food she should consume.

DER is a function of dog’s lifestyle (that is activeness), body weight, age, hairiness, physiological state and environmental (living) temperature. All these variables are the inputs you must consider when you are calculating your dog energy need. Since these inputs are variables (not constants), your dog’s DER changes from time to time.

Do you know your daily energy need? Calculate it here!


Scraping recipes all over the internet to make your dog’s meal may do your pooch bad than good. Nutritionally complete homemade dog food is not about pictures of meals and treats but about nutritionally design recipe with exact amount of every foodstuff, ingredient and supplement. And our Dog Food Cook Tool can help you with this.

Thank you.

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