Dog Daily Energy Requirement (DER) Calculator.

Knowing Your Dog's DER is very important to healthily feed her.

Our DER Calculator includes all variables that affect dog daily calorie needs.

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Dog's Hairiness is Combined with Climate/Weather Temperature to Determine Thermometric Effect of Climate/Weather on Your Dog's Calorie Need

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Climate/Weather Temperature is Combined with Dog's Hairiness to Determine Thermometric Effect of Climate/Weather on Your Dog's Calorie Need

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Two Tails Dog may adjust the formula of this tool based on new data findings.

What is Dog Daily Energy Requirement (DER)?

Dog daily energy requirement (DER) is also refered to as Daily Calorie Need (or Daily Energy Need or Daily Calorie Requirement). DER is the base factor for other factors that determine your dog nutrient need.

According to Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), for every 1000 Kcal of your dog daily energy need, protein must be about 50 gram and fat must be around 17 gram.

The amount of food your dog should eat depends on her Daily Energy Requirement (DER). And the number of cups of homemade food you should give your dog depends on the calories content of the food.

For instance, if your dog daily calorie need is 500 kCal and a bowl of food contains 250 kCal, then you should give your dog 2 bowls of the food for that day.

Factors that Determine Your Dog Daily Calorie Need

Dog daily energy requirement (DER) itself is determined by a number of factors:

  • Body Weight - Underweight, Overweight, Ideal Weight
  • Breed - Activity Level, Hairiness, Body Size
  • Environment - Weather/Climatic Temperature, Social
  • Lifestyle - Activity Level
  • Age - Young, Senior
  • Stress level – Working Dog, Pet Dog
  • Reproductive Status – Pregnant, Lactating

How The Dog Daily Energy Requirement is Formulated

The algorithm formation of this tool is:

M x [ A x (Body Weight in kg)0.67 ]

(Body Weight in kg)0.67  is the Resting Energy Requirement (RER)

RER is a function of metabolic body size and represents the energy requirement of the your dog while at rest. It is also called Metabolize Energy Requirement (MER).

A is the multiplier for lifestyle based on activeness of your dog.

  • For inactive lifestyle dog, A = 99
  • For normal lifestyle dog, A = 125
  • For active lifestyle dog, A = 132
  • For Very Active, Working dog, A = 160

M is the multiplier for various other factors like:

  • Energy requirement for growth in puppy
  • Energy requirement for body maintenance in adult dog
  • Hairiness
  • Reproductive status for female dog
  • Environmental temperature (Climate/Weather)

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