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Can Homemade Dog Food Be Risky for Your Dog?

Posted by Dr Sam, On 13 Nov, 2021 | Updated On 30 Nov, 2021 3 Comments »

Feeding your dog homemade food can be risky if you fail to follow the rules. #1 know your dog's DER. Check out the detail!

Can homemade dog food be risky if almost every information you are getting around says it is better for your dog than commercial food? But it might be risky if you lack adequate information you need to safely feed your dog homemade food.

Major Risk in Feeding Your Dog with Homemade Food

While it is preferred you prepare your dogs’ food at home because it makes you have better control over your dog’s diet, making meals that meet all your dog’s nutritional needs is a big factor that must be considered.

Nutrient deficiency is the major risk involved in feeding your dog with homemade food.

Study that Proofs the Risk Involves in Feeding Your Dog Homemade Food

Research conducted by Jennifer Larsen and Jonathan Stockman, clinical nutritionists at the William R. Pritchard Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital at UC Davis shows that most available homemade dog food recipes collected from various sources – veterinary textbooks, web sites and pet care books – do not provide essential nutrients in the quantities required by dogs. The study is titled “Homemade dog food recipes can be risky business, study finds” was published by Andy Fell, July 15, 2013.

The scientists analyzed 200 recipes – both the ingredients and the instructions for each – using a computer-based program to quantify their nutritional content and the specificity of the preparation instructions. They found that only nine of the 200 recipes provided all essential nutrients in concentrations that met the minimum standards established for adult dogs by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).

You May Have Been Feeding of Your Dog with Nutrient-Deficient Homemade Food

On this basis, we can infer that there’s high probability you (and other dogs’ parents) be making nutrient-deficient homemade food for your dog since you may be getting the recipes from the same sources the nutritionists gathered their samples.

How to Avoid Nutrient-Deficiency in Your Dog Homemade Food

  1. Know your dog’s Daily Energy Requirement (DER) : DER, which is also called Daily Calorie Needs, is the basis for the amounts of all the nutrients your dog requires daily. According to Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), for every 1000 Kcal of your dog daily energy need, protein must be about 50 gram and fat must be around 17 gram. Knowing your dog’s DER will help you to calculate amount the quantity of food stuffs and supplements to include in the recipes for your dog homemade food.
  2. Calculate your dog’s DER : Use our DER calculator to do this.
  3. Get the recipe with exact amount of food stuffs and supplement : After getting your dog’s DER, send it to us with your dog’s age, body weight and breed size (Toy Breed, Small Breed, Medium Breed, Large Breed or Giant Breed) in the comment section of this post. We will give you a recipe to make your dog homemade food that will meet up with all the nutrients required for healthy living. Make sure you state food stuffs your pooch is allergic to.

NB: Send your dog’s DER, Age, Weight and Breed Size (i.e. Toy Breed, Small Breed, Medium Breed, Large Breed or Giant Breed)

Dog Cook Tool

This is the tool we use. The tool (Dog Cook Tool) uses computer-based program to analyze nutritional content of every ingredient and supplement and calculate appropriate amount of each needed for a recipe. The tool is still in beta version. Our team of vet nutritionists and programmers are working to put the tool in standard shape and we will make it available online once it is ready.

Thank you!

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