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8 Amazing Protections Avocado Gives to Your Loving Dog

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Avocado contains nutrients, minerals, vitamins, phytochemicals and bioactive substances that give amazing protections to your lovely pet. Persin dose in avocado pulp is the safe amount nature measured into it for your pooch.

Can dog eat avocado?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by pet parents. This question is asked out of curiosity and fear that avocado is dangerous to dog.

Persin – The Substance That Gives Avocado the Bad Name

Persin is an oil-soluble compound found in avocado as a crop. It is similar to fatty acid in structure. Its chemical structure is C23H40O4.

Persin is toxic to domestic animals like horse and other ruminants with complex stomach (gastrointestinal) system, birds and all other livestock.

Dogs are relatively resistant to avocado compared with other species of animals. Consumption of low dose of persin is not harmful to dogs and human. Human and dogs have simple stomach (gastrointestinal) system. The only negative effect of persin with human and dog is allergic reaction. Though there is a case of two dogs that developed myocardial damage after avocado consumption. But the report was termed putative. Avocado is even considered one of the hypoallergenic foods for dogs.

Persin Distribution in Avocado Crop

Persin concentrations in avocado crop vary from part to part.

  1. Avocado leaves: have the highest concentration of persin. It is the most toxic part of the crop. So, dogs should not eat avocado leaves.
  2. Avocado tree bark/stem: is the part with second highest concentration of persin. Your dog should not eat avocado stem or tree bark.
  3. Avocado fruit skin/peel: also contain high dose of persin. It is very toxic and dangerous to animals. Can dog eat avocado peel? No!
  4. Avocado pit/seed: is having persin in risky dose. Besides toxicity associated with eating of avocado seed, dogs are at the risk of suffocation hazard if they are allowed access to it. Can dog eat avocado pit? No!
  5. Avocado pulp/flesh: has the lowest concentration of persin. Persin is leached into avocado pulp from the pit. The dog of persin in guacamole flesh is the amount for you and for your dog that nature measured into it.

While avocado flesh is not poisonous to dog, over consumption can consumption can cause allergic reaction like vomiting and diarrhea.

Don’t give avocado to lactating dog. Its ingestion causes decrease in milk production.

Avocado Protections for Your Dog

1. Prevention and Treatment of Kidney Stone

Alkaloid and saponins are effective for dissolving kidney stone. Avocado is rich with these bioactive compounds. Regular consumption of avocado protects your dog against kidney stone.

2. Prevention and Treatment of Diabetes

The oleic acid in monosaturated fat of avocado helps reduce triglyceride levels in the blood. Its vitamin B, especially B6, is particularly good for stabilizing blood glucose level. Give it to dog battling with diabetes.

3. Improvement of Skin/Fur and Aiding of Wound Healing

Avocado is rich in fatty acids and vitamins A and E that benefit your dog skin and fur. Its vitamin B12 improve symptoms of psoriasis in dog. Avocado is great for hairless dog breeds like Xoloitzcuintle, Argentine pila dog, Chinese Crested Dog, African hairless dog, Ecuadorian Hairless Dog, American Hairless Terrier, Khala and Peruvian Inca Orchid

4. Prevention and Treatment of Arthritis

Avocado is very rich in anti-inflammatory agents that protect your dog – especially large and giant breeds dog, against arthritis. Avocado helps reduces symptoms of arthritis in your dog.

5. Prevention and Treatment of Asthma

Pinene in avocado is effective in opening up airway thereby increasing airflow to the lungs. It is good for working and racing dog.

6. Prevention and Treatment of Cancer

Richness of antioxidants like zeaxanthin in avocado helps stop the growth of cancer. Avocado is rich in chemopreventative agents. Its antiproliferative activities help suppress, reverse and prevent the initial phases of carcinogenesis and progression of premalignant cells. Avocado consumption makes malignant cancerous cell more responsive to chemotherapy.

7. Prevention and Treatment of Cardiac Disease

Avocado phytochemicals help with lipids metabolism, enhancing functionality of your dog heart.

8. Prevention and Management of Overweightness

Avocado consumption enhances carbohydrate metabolism. So, it helps your dog in carb digestion and prevention/reduction of obesity.

Key Points

Avocado consumption is healthy and beneficial to your dog. Its nutrients, minerals, vitamins, phytochemicals and bioactive substances offers amazing protection to your dog against several diseases. Give your canine companion avocado pulp alone. Don’t allow your pooch to have access to and eat guacamole leaves, tree bark, skin and pit.

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